Stormy Skies Over a Lake

410W Trinasolar
Bifacial Solar Panel


144-Cell Monocrystalline Module

390-415W Power Output Range

20.5% Maximum Efficiency

410W Panels RES Square Alaska Solar Panels

High Power Output

 • Up to 415W front power and 20.5% module efficiency with half-cut and MBB (Multi Busbar) technology enabling higher BOS savings

• Lower resistance of half-cut cells ensures higher power

Certified Harsh Climate Panels

• High PID resistance through cell process and module material control

• Resistant to salt, acid, sand, and ammonia

• Proven to be reliable in high temperature and humidity areas • Certified to the best fire class A

• Minimizes micro-crack and snail trails

• Certified to 5400 Pa positive load and 2400 Pa negative load

Snow on Mountains
Solar Panels on Roof

High Energy Generation, low LCOE

• Up to 25% additional power gain from backside, depending on the albedo • Excellent 3rd party validated IAM and low light performance with cell process and module material optimization • Low temp coefficient (-0.35%) and NMOT increases energy production • Higher power from same installation footprint as standard modules

• Better anti-shading performance and lower operating temperature

Easy to Install, Wide Applications

• Frame design enables compatibility with standard installation methods

• Safe and easy to transport, handle, and install like normal framed modules

• Deployable for ground-mounted utility, carports, and agricultural projects