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Stormy Skies Over a Lake

395W CanadianSolar Mono Solar Panel

HiKuBlack Mono PERC 380-405W

380W-405W Power Output Range

Heavy Snow Tolerance

RES Canadian Solar 395W Panels RES Square (Facebook Post (Landscape)).png

Great Power Output

  • Power range 380-410W

  • Low power loss in cell connection

  • Good in harsh Alaskan winters

  • Great warranty

Certified Harsh Climate Panels

  • Heavy Snow Load tolerance at 7000 Pa

  • Minimizes micro-crack

  • Wind load 5000 Pa

  • 25 Years Linear Power Output Warranty

image_6487327 (4).JPG

High Energy Generation

• More power with model efficiency up to 20.7%

 •50% lower degradation

• Better shade performance

Easy to Install, Wide Applications

• Frame design enables compatibility with standard installation methods

• Safe and easy to transport, handle, and install like normal framed modules

• Deployable for ground-mounted utility, carports, and agricultural projects

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