Meet The Team

  • RES Anchorage Store Manager

    Karl Solberg 


    Karl has tremendous experience in system design for our solar grid-tie packages, off-grid packages, and for finding the perfect fit for your needs.


    Call Karl and start your journey to renewable energy today.

    History: Lifelong Alaskan 30+ years retail sales

    Hobbies: Drag racing/camping /fishing

    Accomplishments: Winning Track championship in Super ET and overall points 2015 for drag racing and being awarded the Sam Barney trophy 2019.

  • RES Anchorage Lead Sales Associate

    Aimee Benner 


    Aimee has designed many Grid-tie systems that are helping to lower your energy costs forever. Call Aimee and let her design the best system for your needs.

    History: Before joining the RES team, I worked in the bicycle industry for seven years. I am passionate about working with our local communities and helping make going solar as easy as possible!

    Passions/Hobbies:  In my spare time I enjoy being outside, gardening, cooking delicious food and most of all riding my bicycle! I am most passionate about bicycles, organic produce and environmentally sustainable products. 

    Accomplishments:  I have ridden my bicycle from Banff, Canada to Missoula, Montana on the Great Divide Route fully self-supported.  I love the challenge and simplicity of riding a bike. I look forward to the next challenge and adventure by bicycle.

  • RES Valley Store Manager

    Fred Groendyke


    The store manager for our Valley store, Fred is your go-to guy for any renewable needs in the Valley, Fred has built hundreds of off-grid packages and Grid-tie packages. Call him for any of your needs.

    History: Auto body repair 1971- 1987, Auto body management 1988 – 2011, Renewable industry 2012 – present

    Accomplishments: I love to help people overcome problems and/or obstacles in their lives, whether it is a physical need or a personal one. If I have had an experience or knowledge that helps people, I like to share whatever I can to make their lives better.  What I’m most proud of are my three children and three stepchildren, as well as the 15 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter that my wife and I share.

    Passions/Hobbies: Fixing stuff. As an auto body tech, it was very rewarding taking a vehicle crushed in an accident and turning it back into a beautiful running vehicle again. Customizing cars. Hockey. Fishing. Baseball. Snowmachine racing/riding. The ocean and a boat on it!!! Vacations on a hot sandy beach!!! Listening to the snowfall in the quiet of the mountains or in the woods.

    Statement: “It is what it is”

  • RES Fairbanks Sales Associate

    Stephanie Ehlenfeldt 


    Stephanie has designed many of our recent solar installations and is available at the Fairbanks office to answer your questions and get your project underway.

    History: Stephanie joined the RES team in the spring of 2020 after working primarily in the wellness and visitor industries for many years. Diving headfirst into the world of renewable energy. Lived in the Fairbanks area since 2003 when she and her husband fell in love with the Tanana Valley and decided to make it home.

    Passions/Hobbies: I am an adventurer and animal lover, and can usually be found on the trails with my dog team or out kayaking the upper Chena on her time off. We have a small farm where we raise poultry and rabbits year-round and enjoy tending our large garden and cooking fantastic meals with the bounty.

Renewable Energy Systems of Alaska

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