Lithium Batteries Now In Stock at RES

Why Go Lithium for your Solar and Power Needs?

  • Drastically longer cycle life over a lead-acid, 4-5x service life over lead-acid.  This means you would get 5-7 years out of a lead-acid battery but would get 20 yrs out of lithium (keeping all other factors equal).

  • Improved charge technology, halve your generator run

  • time, reap the fuel savings!

  • No maintenance, no fluids, no worries

  • Incredible energy density in a lightweight package

Power System

Renewable Energy Systems can provide you with your batteries and supplies. From entire battery banks to keep your home running off-grid for extended periods to just a small bank for your RV, cabin or for furnace backup we are your premier source for everything battery related.

Authorized Dealer of Rolls Surrette, Trojan, and Sun Xtender Deep-Cell AGM Batteries

RES stocks a full selection of Rolls Surrette, Trojan and SunXtender batteries. Stop in and see our extensive inventory of deep-cycle, lead-acid, and AGM batteries. Tools and tips for maintaining your batteries and maximizing their output and life are available in our store.

Don't dump your batteries at the transfer site or leave them in the garage to waste away. Bring us your old lead acid, AGM, gel, ATV, and car batteries for environmentally responsible disposal.

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