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Why Go Solar?

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Lower your monthly power bill FOREVER!


Hedge the impact of the rising cost of energy. Once your solar is installed the cost of solar produced power will never increase.


Tax Credit


Capitalize on government tax credits.  That only gives you a small window to install before the tax credit goes away. Get on the list for spring now while space is still available.


Typically pays for itself in less than 8 years for homes and 5 years for commercial use.


Great return on investment and increases the chances of selling your home in the future by adding value to your home.




No batteries required.

No storage space.

No battery maintenance.

No replacement costs.




No maintenance under normal conditions.

30 year power output warranty, 50 year design life.

Monitor your system online with your phone, laptop, or PC.

No moving parts to malfunction.


Make Money


Did you know that you can sell solar energy to your utility?


Great for the environment


Feel good knowing you have done something for the environment.   Becoming better educated on what you produce compared to what you consume allows you to adopt a more conservative attitude towards energy consumption.


Because we care!


Certified renewable energy designers and installation experts are on your side.  We will make this an easy transition for you and keep your house looking the way you want it.

We Recycle Batteries!

Bring us your old Lead Acid, 
AGM, Gel, ATV, and Car Batteries for 
environmentally responsible disposal

Want more information on any product or service?

Drop us a line and
get free information and assistance

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