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Solar Grid-Tie Systems

Solar Power for Homes and Business

What is Grid Tie Solar?


The straightforward grid-tied solar system is currently the most popular choice for both homes and businesses. Grid-tied simply means this type of system is connected to, and relies on, the existing utility electrical grid as an essential system component.

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The Discovery Process

How does solar work? With the sun, we can convert energy directly into usable household electricity. Your solar generating plant feeds energy alongside utility power, during certain times of the day when the sun is out, your solar flows into your home and prevents utility power from flowing into your home! During certain times of the year, your solar may even produce more energy than what you can consume and you can sell that as access back to the utility! This type of design does not require battery storage so it is truly maintenance-free. On top of all that you get a tax break to go solar! With some detective work, and with
some help from your electric bill, we will help you determine exactly what size system would be best for you and your energy needs.


Jobsite Inspection

One of our solar design experts will assess and recommend a location for your solar array, along with any other components related to your installation. Roof mount solar arrays are the most common option for placement but we are not limited to this single mounting option type. Pole mount and ground mount options often offer better solar exposure and allow us to create free-standing solar arrays. Our design experts will access solar exposure and offer the best recommendations for each solar site. The electrical system layout will be determined to offer the best possible method for connecting your solar system to your home or business.


A Renewable Energy Solution

We will present you with a solar energy solution that works for your vision and lifestyle. RES only uses the best split-cell and bifacial solar technology when we design our systems. This technology hands-down provides for our system to make the most solar energy in Alaska!


The Installation Process

From start to finish, we will take care of permitting, net-metering application, installation, commissioning, and site cleanup of your new solar grid-tie system. Our installers are licensed electricians and NABCEP certified, the only board-certified national solar industry credential for solar designers and installers.


Reap the Benefits

Your system is installed and now grid connected allowing you energy independence for years to come! Online monitoring allows you to track your solar performance almost in real-time to validate your solar investment and track performance over time.


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