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Alaska's Solar Power Resource

2023 was an exciting year for Renewable Energy Systems.


We are proud to say we saved our customers more than $365,554 in fuel expenses just in 2023!

We reduced more than 60,621 gallons of oil from being burned. RES conducted 10+ FREE public educational classes. We had the honor of installing solar in over 250 homes in 2023.

Statewide we installed more than 35,920 feet of solar railing, which is equivalent to 6.8 miles!

Our efforts prevented more than 5.3 acres from being deforested!

RES is proud to help lower the cost of power to countless Alaskans - FOREVER!

We are looking forward to a busy 2024 with several new products and a 30% solar and wind federal tax credit. Expanding our residential and commercial electrical division are among several exciting additions our company is offering.  We look forward to working on your project in 2024 and doing our part to keep the planet green.


The steep incline in energy prices has caused an increase in research and development in solar panels, resulting in less expensive panels with better efficiency and power output. In Alaska, where the sun doesn't always shine, you can reap the benefits of solar because cold weather increases efficiency! Don't know where to start? Click Here


Let us help you keep the peace and quiet by eliminating the need to run your generators. From true off-grid applications with battery banks to supplemental power for your RV, we can design a system for you.


Solar panels for business make fiscal sense. Energy prices continue to increase with no end in sight. Help offset your energy bill by using solar at your place of business. Add a battery bank for backup, ensuring you can continue to run for a short time while the main power grid is down.

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The Go Power! portable solar kits are the easiest and quickest way to charge batteries from the sun. Our kits have everything you will need to set up and charge your batteries to 100 percent full charge. 

Solarize Alaska Inverted-01.png

Better solar power for your family using RES solarize pricing without the hassle.  Got a solarize your Neighborhood quote?  Renewable Energy Systems would like to show you how we can give you a better product for a great price.  Just request a quote!

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Whether you would like a fixed array or a sun tracker mounted on your roof or the ground or you prefer a non-penetrative application, we can do it!  With our own design team we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations offering turn-key energy solutions!

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solar power ak, solar alaska, renewable energy alaska, canadiansolar panels, ak, go power!

Did you Know?

Dollar-for-Dollar Solar makes more sense in Alaska than it does in Arizona. Alaska’s cost of power is more than twice the national average. The cost of adding solar is dropping while the cost of Electricity is rising.  Plus you can currently receive a 30% tax credit.

RES stocks a variety of quality solar panels to meet a wide range of system configurations. The RES team will help you choose the proper combination of panel size, type and quantity to maximize the solar energy output of your system. Whether you want to simply lower your electric bill forever and take advantage of tax incentives or you want to ditch your ties to the grid completely, we can help!

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