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Stormy Skies Over a Lake

450W CanadianSolar
Bifacial Solar Panel

Super High Power BiFacial Mono Perc Module

Higher sensitivity on front & backside

420W-445W Power Output Range

Heavy Snow and Wind Load

High Power Output

Screenshot 2023-09-19 172615.jpg
  • Bifacial module exceeding 445 W

  • 144 dual cell + poly & mono PERC technology

  • Power range 390 ~ 445 W

  • Low power loss in cell connection

  • Bifaciality is as high as 75%

Certified Harsh Climate Panels

  • Better anti-shading performance and lower operating temperature

  • Minimize micro-crack impacts, enhancing the module reliability

  • Certified to 5400 Pa positive load and 3600 Pa negative load

  • 30 Years Linear Power Output Warranty


High Energy Generation

• Up to 30% additional power gain from back side

• Up to 24% higher front side power than conventional modules

• Low temp coefficient (-0.35%) and NMOT increases energy production

• Higher power from same installation footprint as standard modules

Easy to Install, Wide Applications

• Frame design enables compatibility with standard installation methods

• Safe and easy to transport, handle, and install like normal framed modules

• Deployable for ground-mounted utility, carports, and agricultural projects

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