Renewable Energy Systems - Cold Weather Preparation

Be Prepared in our Arctic Conditions


We offer the best products for Alaska's arctic temperatures and difficult conditions.  Wire designed to stay flexible in cold, dry temps; boiler protection systems that will keep your pipes from freezing in the event of a power outage; car and truck batteries that are worry-free, sure start in any tempature; and even portable jumpstart kits so you are never stranded.  Stop in or contact us today to stay prepared.

Automatic Battery BackUp Packages

Great peace of mind for your home and family.

  • ·Keep your heat on during any power outage, automatically

  •  Provide backup power for your Heat, lights, water, refrigeration, other emergency needs.

  • Most power outages are less than 24hours- our packages provide on average 2 days of back up

  • ·No need to wheel a generator outside, plug it in, transfer power, our backups do this automatically and eliminates the need for a generator in most cases.

  •  We are an approved vendor for the FNSB wood stove change out program.

  • FREE site visit and FREE estimate.

Power Outages Lead to Frozen Pipes!

Res kits can keep your pipes from freezing during a power outage with automatic operation whether you are at home or out of town for complete peace of mind.  Power outages, when unprepared, can lead to loss of heat and frozen pipes. Talk to us about our simple solutions that will keep your furnace running and your pipes from freezing, even during extended power outages.
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Cabin Kits -Warm your cabin before you arrive!

Our cabin kits are the only packages in the state that you can call to turn on the heat before you arrive!  RES kits are ready for our toughest Alaskan winter temps and are rated for 90 below.


Perfect for off-grid cabins and lake houses.

Arctic Strength Polar Wire

Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ is the premier Arctic grade wire rated and proven to work in extreme temperature ranges of -55°C to 105°C. This highly flexible wire combines finely stranded copper construction with a jacket material that resists the abuses of oil, gasoline, sunlight, salt water, acids and chemicals.

  • Fuses

  • Connectors

  • Terminals

  • Meters

  • PV Panels

  • Wire

  • Cables

  • Conduit

  • Switches

  • Breakers

Portable Battery Jumpstarters

It is important to always be prepared in Alaska! Stop in today to see what we can offer with our portable jumpstarters - perfect for those times when you don't have someone around to give you a jump and small enough to fit under your seat.

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