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Solar Panels on Roof
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Better solar power for your family using RES solarize pricing without the hassle.

Making renewable energy more accessible and affordable in Alaska


  • Already have a solarize quote? Let RES provide you a free honest competitive proposal using the best solar equipment for Alaska


  • Don’t be fooled by hidden costs and upcharges when you solarize with the other guys. The lowest cost per watt on paper doesn’t translate to the best solar system on your home at the best overall price. Conduit run, varying roof pitch, roof type, electrical service location are all “gotcha” gimmicks the other guys use to overcharge solarize participants. 

  • Solarize Alaska with RES provides the best solar products customized for Alaska homes and businesses. Our systems are designed and installed by board-certified solar professionals and licensed electricians. 

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Solar energy saves Alaska money renewable energy systems RES
Alaska’s average cost of power is more than 2x that of the lower 48 in our large cities and up to 10 times the average cost in more remote villages and off-grid locations. 


Whether in town or in a remote location or village we can help lower energy costs from your generated energy and using programs renewable systems in the community groups will lower install costs.
remote village alaska solar and wind energy RES
Our village's cost of energy is the highest in the nation and RES strives to make these cost-saving systems more affordable for homeowners, commercials property owners, City, State, and Government entities

Easy Steps to getting grid-tie solar

  1. Contact us-Provide us with your info and we will have one of our experts contact you with your preferred method. Video Conference, in-home consult or private showing at a location near you.

  2. The Discovery Process-With some detective work, and with some help from your electric bill, we will help you determine exactly what size system would be best for you and your energy needs. 

  3. Jobsite Inspection- One of our solar experts will assess and recommend a location for your solar array, along with any other components related to your installation.

  4. A renewable energy solution-We will present you with a solar energy solution that will make sure our clients are set up for solar system success for years to come. 

  5. The installation process- From start to finish, we will take care of permitting, net-metering application, installation, commissioning, and site cleanup of your new solar grid-tie system.

  6. Reap the Benefits-Your system is now grid-connected allowing you energy independence for years to come!

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