Solarize Alaska

Solarize                Alaska

Making renewable energy more accessible and affordable in Alaska


The Solarize Alaska program is available to any community in Alaska that wants to add multiple renewable energy systems grouped together to meet member's needs with lower cost systems with less overlap in permitting and contractor mobilization.  We can increase the number of systems in Alaska and lower the cost of these systems for your community by grouping projects together for a much lower price point, in some cases, we are able to lower project costs by more than 30%.


RES specializes in Solar, Wind, Hydro, Solar Thermal, Backup Power, and Prime Power Generation and can help your community succeed.


The goals of this program are simple, reduce your energy costs!   Solarize Alaska is geared towards those with high cost of power and want to pay themselves and not the utility. We know that the average utility customer will pay more than $25,000 in just the next 10 years for power. This is why we have successfully initiated Solarize Alaska.

Alaska’s average cost of power is more than 2x that of the lower 48 in our large cities and up to 10 times the average cost in more remote villages and off-grid locations. 


Whether in town or in a remote location or village we can help lower energy costs from your generated energy and using programs renewable systems in the community groups will lower install costs.
Our villages cost of energy is the highest in the nation and RES strives to make these cost-saving systems more affordable for homeowners, commercials property owners, City, State, and Government entities

Renewable Energy Systems of Alaska

RES Anchorage

145 West Dimond Blvd
Anchorage, AK 99515

Phone:(907) 561-7941

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RES Fairbanks

1698 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Phone:(907) 458-8000

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